Cliff Lansley


Cliff Lansley is a psychologist and head of the real-life FOX drama, ‘Lie to Me – Lightman Group’, which is the EIA Group. He specialises in Truth/Deception Detection, Elicitation and Interrogation Strategies for high stake contexts. The EIA Group international team works with a range of military, intelligence, security, commercial, fraud and police agencies in the fight against terrorists and fraudsters. He will share his secrets and highlight the reliable indicators of deception you can use in real-time situations in an engaging and productive keynote session.

JUDr. Jaroslav Spišiak


Manager of the Security & Defence at SLOVNAFT, a.s., he started his career as a police officer walking the streets of the town of Dunajská Streda (DS). After graduation from the Police Corps (PC) Academy in 1995, he held a lawyer position at the Police District Headquarters in DS, later to become the head of their Interior Department. He worked at the Criminal Police Bureau of the PC Presidency for two years. Between 1998 and 2001, he acted a the Chief of the Police District Headquarters in DS, later he became the Vice President of the Police Corps and Director of the Criminal and Financial Police Administration. He was recalled after the change of government in 2006 and accepted the position of the Security and Defence Chief at Slovnaft. Between 210 and 2012, he was the President of the Police Corps.

Juraj Szabó

Compliance Expert

As Director of Legal Division of ČEZ a.s., he was at the birth of the strategy and design of a comprehensive Compliance Program. Later on, Juraj was appointed as the director of the Corporate Compliance division of the ČEZ group. He also worked for GE Money Bank, Komerční banka a.s., Raiffeisen Bank in the Czech Republic. He is a member of the Executive Board of the Czech Compliance Association and an arbitrator of the arbitration tribunal at the Czech Chamber of Commerce and the Czech Agricultural Chamber. He is an active representative of a new wave of Compliance in the CEE.

Jan Vittek

Tatra banka

Director of the Compliance Department in Tatra banka a.s., a member of the Board of the Slovak Compliance Circle, head of the working group for AML & Compliance at the Commission for the Security of Banks and Financial Operations of the Slovak Bank Association. He graduated at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. He started his career in civil service as a detective at Bratislava branch office of Financial Police (ÚFP), later he worked as head of Department of financial intelligence of ÚFP and deputy director of ÚFP.

Štefan Máj

Nadácia Slovenskej sporiteľne

He started his professional career in 1977 as a researcher with the Price Research Institute. From 1991, he worked for Slovenská sporiteľňa, first as Head of the Property Management Division and later as one of the bank’s Directors. Between 1995 and 1998, he held a variety of positions at Komerčná banka Bratislava. In December 1998, he returned to Slovenská sporiteľňa to hold the position of member of its Board of Directors. He contributed significantly to the bank’s restructuring and privatization processes. From January 2015 to December 2017, he acted as Chairman of the bank’s Board of Directors. Currently, he is the Chairman of the Management Board of the Slovenská sporiteľňa Foundation.

Prof. PhDr. Anna Remišová PhD.

Fakulta Managementu UK

Professor Anna Remišová was at the birth of the business ethics in Slovakia in the 90´s of the last century, and a pioneer in teaching business ethics at the schools of economics and management universities. She made a great contribution to development of business ethics also in practice – she participated in the creation of many corporate codes of ethics, she was a member on several Ethics Boards and led the first ethical advisory service in Slovakia in Slovnaft, a. s. She lectured on her theoretical knowledge and practical results at the Universities in Germany, Switzerland and in Russia. She is also an author of many books and scientific publications published in home country and abroad; she belongs to the most cited Slovak authors in the field of business ethics. Her most important books include “Ethics and Economics” (2000, 2004, 2011) and “Current trends in business ethics, “From theory to practice” (2015) and as a co-author “Ethical leadership of people in the Slovak business environment” (2015).

Peter Kleinert

Binary Confidence

Peter has gained most of his experience as a programmer, architect, and security specialist in Siemens and SAP. He has also worked in deployment and as a security expert for SAP Cloud and In-Memory Computing. He has been working in IT since high school. He has competed in several local and international competitions, including the IEEE Computer Society International Computer Competition in Washington. He is currently the technical director and architect of solutions for Binary Confidence s.r.o., which provides provides computer security services.

JUDr. Jaroslav Ružička, PhD.


He has been engaged in legal counsel personally and actively since 1992. He leads one of the largest teams of lawyers in Slovakia, which has been repeatedly awarded by clients as the Law Firm of the Year. Delivering external services to the largest companies in Slovakia, as well as the long-term operation on the market allows him to see things in perspective and to apply solutions with value added and with economic effect. He is the Managing Partner in the Law Firm RUŽIČKA AND PARTNERS, which was the first one in Slovakia to create its own team of senior lawyers for Compliance as a progressive sector. With his strategic insight, high professionalism and many years of experience he is making a contribution to a fundamental transformation of legal services in the future, where in line with the strategy of delivering not only excellent legal solutions, but also value added for the client and his business, he brings many innovations and solutions beyond the conventional legal services. A new trend is not to substitute delivery of legal product, but to be an equal partner to the client, who is capable of apprehending business connections in a broader context. Long-term representation of large corporate clients is a proof of this.

Alexander Nagy

Forenzné oddelenie Deloitte in Slovakia

Alexander Nagy is the partner at Deloitte responsible for forensic practices in Central Europe. He has over 20 years of professional experience in forensic accounting and investigations serving clients in multiple jurisdictions and industries. Prior to returning to Deloitte as a partner, he was head of compliance and security at a major bank in the Czech Republic for 6 years, where he was responsible for combatting financial crime, corruption, fraud, and breaches of conduct and security. He acted as the FATCA responsible officer and also as the head of compliance department. He has very extensive knowledge of accounting, finance, and business practices, protocols and laws and specializes in prevention and detection of internal and external misconduct.

Pavla Hladká

Forenzné oddelenie Deloitte in Slovakia

Pavla is heading the Forensics Department in Slovakia. She has more than 19 years of experience in advising and providing forensic services to both Slovak and international clients in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, health care, energy, telecommunications, automotive, transportation, real estate, media and the public sectors in a number of European and Asian jurisdictions. She focuses on prevention of fraud, implementation of compliance programmes, reviews of compliance with legal and regulatory requirements; also, she is involved in examination of a variety of company frauds and suspected machinations. She is a certified examiner of frauds (CFE) and a holder of a number of other certificates in the compliance, risk management ant internal audit areas.

Juraj Lipka

Philip Morris

Juraj is acting as company lawyer at Philip Morris ČR a.s. and is responsible for the Czech, Slovak and Hungarian markets. Before starting a career with Philip Morris ČR a.s., he worked as both Slovak and Czech lawyer with international law offices of Gide Loyrette Nouel and Cliffford Chance, focusing on business law and competition law.

Mgr. Dušan Kučera, Ph.D, MBA

Podnikohospodárska fakulta VŠE v Prahe

Dušan Kučera has his roots in Moravia where he attained a vocational qualification. Thereafter, he completed his General Certificate of Education and was given an opportunity to study Philosophy and Theology at the Charles University in Prague, and later in Germany and the USA. He was active as a cleric for some years to change later for managerial positions with international corporations. He started as head of IBS Expert expert institution. He held a managerial position at ŠKODA Auto, then headed the Passerinvest Group NGO and ended in the Academia as lecturer for executive training at VŠP (College of Entrepreneurship and Law) in Ostrava. Later he completed an international MBA course in cooperation with the VW Concern. Currently, he is a faculty member at the Faculty of Business Administration, University of Economics in Prague, where he gives courses dealing with personality of a manager, leadership, management responsibility and business ethics in international Master’s courses and MBA programme. Also, he gives management-related seminars at selected domestic and international companies dealing with management spirituality. He is active member of the EQUIS Accreditation Board at his Faculty. As Chairman of the Ethics Board at the University of Economics in Prague, he is also member of the UN Global Compact PRME CEE Steering Committee.

Alexander  Cimbaľák

ACE enterprise Slovakia/Bentley Systems

CEO, Co-owner & Chairman of the Board of ACE enterprise Slovakia. Author of the groundbreaking visual integration technology called “ACE Enterprise Platform” used in complex integration projects in more than 80 countries of the world. Leader of more than 200+ different projects worldwide. Winner of a number of international awards and recognitions including the “European IT Excellence Awards 2010” for the best European IT project in 2010, “Stevie Award Winner for Executive of the Year 2011” and “Gold Stevie Winner – Best New Product or Service of the Year 2012” (International Business Awards), or ” Silver WinnerProduct of the Year 2015 (Best in Biz International) for his own integration software ACE Enterprise Platform and many more. By the end of 2018, this breakthrough technology was acquired by Bentley Systems and for its Slovak branch A. Cimbaľák acts as Director of the Interoperability Division.

Vladimír Vaňo, MBA

CentralNic Group

Vladimir Vano is alumnus of Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien and Carlson School of Management. A laureate of the Rector’s Academic Award of Comenius University in Bratislava, he studied at its College of Management, and thanks to competitively won scholarships also at the College of Charleston, Georgetown and New York University. He also attended courses at Graduate School of Management of St. Petersburg State University (Russia), Sun Yat-Sen University (China) and Indian School of Business.
His overseas professional experience comes from internships with economic think-tank NGO Employment Policy Foundation in Washington, D.C. and with the global headquarter of Merrill Lynch in New York City in 2001. Vladimir Vano’s experience with Central European economic development started in the nineties with Deloitte&Touche. In 1999, he entered the financial sector as research assistant to the Chief Economist of Slovak branch of ING. Upon return from New York, he became the Head of Research with Treasury Division of Slovenska sporitelna. Since 2002, he has been regular columnist on regional and global financial markets in economic and business magazine TREND. In 2011 and 2012 he served as external advisor for monetary affairs to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the Slovak Republic. Since 2011 he is included on the list of vetted experts for public finance with the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme). Since 2007, he assumed position of the Chief Analyst of SBERBANK Slovensko and in July 2013, board of Sberbank Europe AG appointed him to serve as Head of CEE Research Competence Center and Chief Economist of Sberbank Europe AG in Vienna. Since 2017 Vladimir was appointed as Group Economist of CentralNic Group PLC in London. Vladimir serves on the Committee for Macroeconomic Forecasts at the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, which operates under stipulations of the “Constitutional Act on Public Debt Ceiling”. Vladimir also serves on the Board of the Pontis Foundation in Bratislava, as well as on the International Alumni Board of the WU Executive Academy in Vienna. He is regular lecturer for domestic and international universities as well as on international professional conferences.

Jitka Skof

UNIQA Insurance Group

Person responsible for implementation and performance of measures preventing money-laundering and terrorism financing. Jitka Skof has worked at the head office of the Austria-based Uniqa insurance company for 18 years. From 2010, she has dealt with issues related to almost all forms of compliance: general compliance under Solvency II, money-laundering, FATCA, common reporting standard, etc. Being a company officer at the holding level, she and her team manage subsidiaries in Austria and also elsewhere in the Central and South European Region. She published in the journal Compliance Praxis and is active member of the Austrian Insurers Association.

Daniel Marek


Founder & CEO of Systemios, a specialised growth consulting company combining traditional business tools with Yotta Model, a highly innovative, systemic, unconscious data analytics tool based on systemic constellations. I am 49, a robotics engineer by training, M&A dealmaker by profession, and an innovator & human by heart. I work with a team of over 120 specially trained colleagues with whom I serve innovative business owners, CEOs/CXOs & investors, from SaaS startups to multinationals. My work mission is to help clients create better products & services, and build more successful & more human companies where relationships are based on mutual respect, ethical values and trust.

Ing. Dagmar Kéryová CPCC, PCC.


After more than 15 years of work in the PR area, Dagmar has become actively and passionately involved in coaching, training and facilitator’s activities; she is an internationally certified Co-Active Coach and completed training for facilitators in both small and large groups.

Ing. Jana Bernaťáková


She worked for 15 years in the dynamic and progressive ambience of Tatrabanka; she specializes mainly in management and change management consultancy given to trainers, change facilitators and mentors, bringing pragmatism, openness and also human attitude.

Lukáš Bakoš

Maxman Consultants

Lukas graduated from the Department of Psychology at the Comenius University in Bratislava and from Management at UBC Sydney  in Australia. Later he completed his PhD. degree in Management. Since 2009 he is a Managing Director of Maxman Consultants, a company based on non-hierarchical principles of teal self-managing organizations where people discuss and decide together, even their salaries. In his free time he supports various nonprofit projects focused on improving education and third sector in Slovakia.

Tomáš Mihóčik

Forenzné oddelenie Deloitte in Slovakia

Tomáš has 10 years of practice in the forensic area. His experience covered examination of numerous fraud cases, corruption and unethical behaviour in Slovakia and elsewhere in Europe and also in the USA. He assisted clients in implementation of anti-fraud preventive measures and compliance programmes. He is a member of the Association of Chartered Accountants (FCCA) in the United Kingdom and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) in the USA.

JUDr. Lucie Schweizer


Lawyer with more than 15 years of experience specializes in corporate criminal law, crime prevention of legal entities, strategic planning, design and risk management and strategic and sensitive decision-making and procedures. At Ružička Csekes she co-formed a team of specialists in corporate criminal law, currently a unique team in the Slovak environment. In the past she worked at the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology at the Faculty of Law at Trnava University and she is a regular contributor of articles on the topic of criminal liability of legal persons. She believes that advocacy in business environment should not provide “only” the delivery of legal service (e.g. a contract), but also a real value added in the form of a different view and experience from the market from other sectors, thus contributing to identification of several options and greater variability of solutions.

JUDr. Naďa Roštek Spustová, LL.M.


She works as Director of Legal Services Division in SLOVNAFT, a.s. Previously, for nearly 10 years she worked as a lawyer focusing on the area of competition law and regulated sectors. In the past she held managerial positions in the Slovak Gas Industry a.s. and at the Anti-Monopoly Office of SR, where she worked as director of legal department. She was studying law at the Comenius University in Bratislava. In 2009 she gained the LL.M. degree at the American University – Washington College of Law, where she studied thanks to a prestigious scholarship from Fulbright Commission and the US Government. During her studies in the US she focused on comparative study of antitrust law in the US and in the EU, and also spent several months on internship at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

Mgr. Sylvia Szabó


Lawyer with more than 19 years of experience specializing in corporate criminal law, anti-corruption programs, prevention programs for anti-social activity and preventive actions. At RUŽIČKA AND PARTNERS she has been involved in the creation of a team of specialists in corporate criminal law, which is currently a unique team in the Slovak environment. She makes regular contributions on the topic of criminal liability of legal persons. She advises clients on compliance; she provides trainings to clients´ staff, prepares and implements various internal rules in order to protect the employer and adherence to its duties. She believes that by suitable adaptation of existing internal and external measures the businesses will be able to prepare and ensure effective protection of its top managers and thus the company itself. The riches of practice and experience she gained during consultancy to companies from different sectors of economy allow her to apply the best sense of where to start with the protection and how to set it properly.

Ing., Dr. Nora Lauková


Nora Lauková is an expert with 30 years of experience in non-verbal communication, which she studied in the US, faculty of non-verbal psychology with a focus on criminology and criminalistics. She is the author of the Top Body Language School project and TherapyTM, where she teaches people to discover the disproportions of psychopathology and dangerous personalities in non-verbal contact in corporate and business environments. She lectures and she is an expert in non-verbal communication, non-verbal typology and her own method – 3axismappingTM in corporations, companies, non-profit organizations and various schools in Slovakia and abroad. In Slovakia, she is the owner of a special model of corporate psychopathy seminar, where she helps companies detect corporate psychopaths. She is a lecturer at various conferences in Slovakia and abroad, she is a non-verbality expert for TV Markíza (Teleráno, TV Noviny, Reflex, Crime Profile) and RTVS (Ladies´ Club), regularly contributes to print professional and life style media and lectures non-verbality at the University of Prague.

Karol Suchánek

Computers and security have fascinated him since his childhood. When he was 16, he developed his first security software, which after winning the high school competition, started to be marketed. Along his developer profession at the Prague branch of Monster.com, he got his MBA at the University of New York in Prague, in 2006. For ten years he has been leading a company that takes care for wealthy families around the world and their privacy. He has deepened his passion for this area by completing a special cybersecurity program at the prestigious MIT University in Boston, and meeting with the legendary Hack5 Group in Washington. He loves active life, traveling and running.

Cátia Pedro

Johnson Controls International

Cátia Pedro is currently leading a forensic team that is part of an internal audit department at Johnson Controls International, Bratislava. She has over 15 years of professional experience in forensic field. Prior to her current involvement, she spent over three years managing a forensic team in one of the “Big 4” consultancy firms. Further, she has more than 10 years of experience from compliance and internal audit roles in finance sector. She is a certified fraud examiner (CFE) and she is a common speaker about forensic topics at various conferences. Further, she is an author of various scientific publications.