Let´s count with us the time until our next conference. Following very successful first edition, we organize a second one, oriented to the Effectivity of the Compliance programs with in depth focus on processes avoiding individual human failure. You are welcomed to join CEOs, CFOs, TOM management people as well as Compliance officers and discuss, explore and try the unconventional. This year we will not bureaucratise or administratise, we will not be focusing on any new „GDPR“, „AML“ or similar issues. This year we will dive into the substance and essence of Compliance itself.

Management of Human Failures, Wins and Losses, Lessons Learned.

Enjoy two days full of excellent speakers, true stories, interesting topics, educational surprises, workshops and networking.

Panel 1

BLOCK 1 Ethics Compliance

25.04.2019 from 09.00 to 10.30

Ethics vs. Business or where the Tone from the Top fails? And is it true that the Tone from the Top fails? The true sense of Compliance in the CEE environment and its specifics e.g. Industry 4.0, Economy and scope of management responsibility and accountability and its implementation.

Representatives of academic sector will share their experience and views on Compliance „out of the box“. You will receive impersonalised but still very valuable feedback from Prof. PhDr. Anna Remišová, PhD. (FF, FM UK, Bratislava, Slovakia), Mgr. Dušan Kučera, Ph.D. MBA (VŠE, Praha, Czech Republic) and Patrik Pavlovský (SBEN).

Panel 2

BLOCK 2 Business Compliance

25.04.2019 from 11.00 do 18.00

The view of business on Compliance processes and its effectivity. Lessons learned, wins and failures. Does Compliance have any added value for real?  May Compliance be a business differentiator in CEE?  Which Compliance we wish to achieve and is it at all possible? Effective Compliance is always about humans, individuals, forget the programs focus on people! How to effectively sort the information and analyse the risks, how to listen effectively?

Speakers: Ing. Štefan Máj (nadácia SLSP), Ján Vittek (Tatrabanka), Juraj Lipka (Philip Morris International), Jitka Skof (Uniqa), JUDr. Jaroslav Spišiak (Slovnaft), Alexander Cimbaľák (ACE enterprise Slovakia/Bentley Systems), Tomáš Zaťko (CEO, Citadelo), Daniel Marek(CEO, Systemios), Naďa Roštek Spustová (Slovnaft), JUDr. Juraj Szabó (Compliance Expert), Lukáš Bakoš (CEO, Maxman), Dagmar Kéryová, Jana Bernaťáková (Mysliteľňa) and others.

Panel 3

BLOCK 3 Forensic Compliance

26.04.2019 from 09.00 to 14.00

Uncovering internal frauds and its types, investigation techniques, forensic tools …. Do you know what do you at hand? Motivation of the fraudsters and how a common employee becomes one. Why is it so, that internal fraudster is mostly long term, and until then, well behaving employee? And is it all true?

Have you seen the series “Lie to me” (“Klamári”)? Try and experience the methodology of Paul Ekman by yourself. Participate in a workshop with Cliff Lansley from Emotional Intelligence Agency (U.K.) and find out whether you may spot the liar but also how far can your negotiation skills may go.

Panel 4

Topics, presentations and workshops at ECF will again offer original view on Compliance issues, trends and expectations. And, as well as last year, we will transparently connect the business sector with the regulators and public authorities, will de-sharpen less effective communication between private and public sector on issues which are inherently connected with Compliance in line with the principle idea which was behind the organisation of the ECF.
Structure of ECF is based on short, issue-oriented presentations, each for 20 minutes maximum (TEDx format). Round tables or discussion forums will have longer time slots. Each of the presentation blocks are very specialized and always present overview on the issue at hand with focus on practical implementation, players experiences and applied approaches. TOP experts from big corporations, public sector, academics and executives will share their experience, opinions and solutions.
We sincerely look to see you at ECF-2019.

Registration fee: 470 € excl. VAT

EARLY BIRD until 22 March: 370 € excl. VAT




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